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We offer a broad range of services covering business accounting, bookkeeping and financial management. Please get in touch if you have a requirement and are unsure where to turn for help.

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  • Bookkeeping
  • BAS Preparation & Lodgement
  • Payroll Processing
  • Virtual CFO
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Expense Management
  • Financial Performance Overview
  • Startup Advice
  • Business Plans
  • Cash Flows & Budgets
  • KPI Reporting
  • Staff Retention & Incentives


We can record all your financial transactions for you. We can manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable functions and reconcile your bank accounts, petty cash and credit cards.
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Sage Business Support manages all your financial transactions by entering them into either your existing accounting system or a cloud based system, regularly and accurately, allocating them to the correct accounts in your accounting software, and producing weekly or monthly reports that provide useful information on your business performance.

We will ensure all of your business expenses are accurately recorded and reconciled to any purchase orders and receipts of delivery to ensure you are getting what you paid for.


The team at Sage Business Support have extensive experience in managing payroll processes for both small and large businesses.

Employing staff and ensuring you are compliant with all of your obligations can be a daunting task.

Using Sage Business Support for your payroll means that we can check timesheets, reconcile job sheets, allocate commissions, calculate payroll tax and superannuation, and keep accurate employee records including their bank account details. We will ensure the accurate and timely lodgement of records with the ATO.

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We can process payroll through the accounting software, all the way through to the bank and issuing payslips.

We can assist with monthly and quarterly tasks including compliance with SGC and PAYG payments as well as the calculation of leave accruals and the value of leave entitlements for your employees.

We can also support you with your end-of-year compliance; ensure SGC payments are timely and accurate; reconcile yearly payroll payments for reconciliations to WorkCover and superannuation; print payment summaries for your employees.

Sage Business Support can support your business to interpret and apply awards and EBA’s and can provide generalist HR advice.  We are also able to assist with contract creation and negotiation, redundancies, terminations, bonuses and supporting you to understand FWA and what you can and cant do under current legalisation.


Sage Business Support can assist larger businesses develop meaningful and well-considered accounting policies and procedures to ensure a strong financial management system.
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Developing accounting policies and procedures are important for maintaining consistency across the accounting department and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. This is even more important for organisations such as not-for-profits that receive funding from government agencies. Documenting your organisation’s accounting policies and procedures can be an important tool to help staff to understand and follow the steps necessary to produce accurate and reliable financial reports for organisational decision-making.

We can assist you to develop procedures that are clear and concise, align with your business goals and plans and that reflect the culture of your business.

Well documented and easily interpreted processes help to develop efficiencies and best practices within an organisation, in addition to creating transparency in your financial processes.


We can provide advice on expense management and the internal controls around expenditure.

Sage Business Support will ensure invoices are sent promptly, follow up on late payments and manage all cash coming into the business. We can support you also with cash flow planning and devise reports for you to manage your cash flow.

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Reconciling your bank regularly will ensure all transactions are accounted for. We can reconcile your bank accounts for you and follow up any discrepancies in a timely manner.

Once efficient accounting procedures are in place, Sage Business Support can maintain your accounts with a high level of accuracy, resulting in a set of reliable financials with which to make informed business decisions. We can also develop management reports for your business so you will always know how your business is tracking.


The Director of Sage Business Support, Nikki Fraser, is a registered BAS Agent.

We will prepare your BAS for you in line with the ATO requirements and ensure lodgement is accurate and timely.

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Our qualifications, experience and professionalism can be relied upon to assist you with the obligations of GST, PAYG Withholding (payroll), PAYG Instalment Payments, FBT Payments, WET, Fuel Tax and LCT.


Having a virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time CFO and can make a big difference to a small business by providing a trusted source for financial perspective at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.
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We will care about the health and well-being of your business by getting to understand your business and act as a sounding board for your financial decisions. Whilst we do not provide compliance we provide insight and analysis to help you keep your financial goals and realities clearly in sight and assist your business to reach its full potential.

Our team has years of practical experience managing finance, fleet, payroll and HR functions and maintaining compliance requirements, working in listed companies large not-for-profits and privately owned businesses.  Using our Director, Nikki, as your virtual CFO will give your business access to an experienced financial professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

Packages are available that include CFO support as well as a full suite of back-office functions such as managing your human resources, bookkeeping, BAS and payroll, depending upon the needs of your business. Support can be weekly, monthly or ad hoc and packages can be designed at a fixed price or an hourly rate.


Sage Business Support can provide you with both financial and management reports.

Financial reporting is where we present the financial performance of your business; these are reports that show your profitability, cash position and value of net assets. Reports such as profit and loss, balance sheet, budgets and cash flow reports will give you all the information you need to improve the financial performance of your business.

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Management reporting focuses on factors that drive your business’s performance. Together we can identify useful markers, or key performance indicators, that will give you an accurate picture of how the business is doing operationally.

The measures that we report on will vary from business to business but the goal of the report is to explain the company’s financial performance.

At Sage Business Support we have the ability to understand business processes, break down operational steps and think creatively to come up with appropriate performance indicators.


Our experience in public practice and working in both large corporations and small businesses is that accounts can become increasingly disorganised if proper accounting procedures are not put in place.

Sage Business Support can clean up bookkeeping errors, identify and eliminate wasteful practices, implement efficient accounting procedures, develop robust reporting functions such as budgets and cash flows to ensure that you always understand how your business is performing.

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Whilst Sage Business Support does not provide tax advice or prepare tax returns, our services to support strong financial practices can result in reduced compliance costs when statutory financial statements and tax returns are due at the end of the financial year.

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